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Do you know how much of a GAP there is between your Actual Pipeline and the Required Pipeline necessary to meet Quota?

Click Here to receive a free copy of a white Paper called "Pipeline Management Principles". The more you understand about Pipeline management, the more you can optimize your sales funnel, and the more you can dramatically improve forecasting accuracy.

Pipeline Assessment in 2 weeks

Learn how to optimize your sales opportunity pipeline with a rapid, two-week assessment.  In a very short time, you will be given specific recommendations on how to achieve the required size and timing of your opportunity pipeline that is necessary to meet quota. Click here.

Welcome to Topline Systems

Topline Systems is an on-demand, hosted application service provider focused on the most important optimization goal for any company – i.e. Revenue Enhancement.

The Topline Opportunity Portal is a highly graphical, intuitive tool to provide sales and marketing departments with a powerful, analytical way of maximizing revenue. The heart of the system is a graphical representation of the pipeline "opportunity funnel" for every sales rep, support rep, and sales manager in the organization. In an instant, any user in the company can have real-time visibility into their pipeline,  and view key metrics of the pipeline such as shortfalls, average deal size, days in sales cycle, and % of model pipeline.

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Topline is a true SaaS (Software as a Service) company, and has all the benefits that derive from that designation. By delivering on-line IT services over the Internet through a standard browser, Topline is taking full advantage of the revolution in Cloud Computing.

The Value Proposition for the Opportunity Portal is well worth it. For a $100 million company with quarterly revenues of $25M, the Required pipeline necessary to meet this goal may be 2-4x Expected Revenue for the quarter. Click here to learn more.

Case Study

Topline’s flagship reference account is SolidWorks Corporation of Concord, MA, a $400 million software company in the 3D design and manufacturing business. SolidWorks has developed one of the largest and most effective third party channel programs in the world.

You can read about how SolidWorks is using the Opportunity Portal for over 2,200 users in a six level, worldwide organization. Click Here to read about how SolidWorks is doing it with quotes from top sales management.


Topline will be hosting live Webinars periodically to show the benefits of the Opportunity Portal. If you are interested in signing up for a group Webinar, or a customized Web Demo for you and your colleagues, please Click Here.

Research Brief

Research Paper - AberdeenTopline Systems and the Aberdeen Group, one of the world's leading research organ-izations for sales effectiveness, have cooperated together to generate an outstanding research brief. The Research Brief is entitled :

"Best-in-class Sales Organizations benefit from Extended Channel Visibility"

Just click here to get a free copy of this Research Brief.

This research focuses on how third-party channel vendors can get instant, in-depth visibility into the opportunity pipeline of their channel partners...something that traditionally has been very difficult to achieve. Topline's Opportunity Portal offers color-coded funnels and pipeline analytics for every sales office and every sales rep in complex, worldwide sales organizations. Rolling forecasts are instantly visible and automatically rolled up with much greater forecasting accuracy.


See Topline in the News by reading an article entitled "Topline Shines Light on Channel Pipelines", from Channel Web's on-line publication. Topline was named one of the Top 50 Emerging Vendors by EverythingChannel's rankings. Click Here for the link to the article written by Kevin McLaughlin.

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