About Us

Topline Systems is an on-demand, application service provider (ASP) focused on the most important optimization goal for any company – i.e. Revenue Enhancement. Utilizing the most advanced techniques in Pipeline Management and state-of-the-art Business Analytics, sales organizations can now measure actual pipeline relative to model pipeline necessary to meet desired forecasts. This information allows sales reps and management to take rapid, corrective action to achieve the revenue goals of the company.

Our company believes that meeting revenue forecasts is the single most important goal in measuring business performance. Every other financial metric directly stems from “top line revenue” off the income statement – gross margins, operating budgets, profitability, working capital, and borrowing levels are all derived or limited by the forecast.

To quantify the importance of meeting revenue forecast, consider that “Revenue” appears at the top line of the income statement and is the single most sensitive variable in determining profitability. A 10% shortfall in revenue forecast can translate up to a 50% shortfall in corporate profitability. As a result, “meeting forecast” is arguably the single most important operational focus for top management in any company.

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