Our Solutions are intended to address four objectives: Optimize Pipeline Management, Improve Forecasting Accuracy, Maximize Corporate Revenue, and Build Repeatable Sales Model.

Maximize Corporate Revenue
Sales professionals are uniquely dependent on the sales pipeline to meet their quotas. Unfortunately, most sales reps and sales managers are “under-piped” with their sales pipeline. They rarely have an adequate pipeline to meet not only current month numbers, but also next quarter’s or annual quota. It is not uncommon to have only 20-30% of an entire sales force meeting quota on a consistent basis. The “ABC effect” is very common among sales organizations. Consider the following typical mix of sales performance.

Rep type

Performance Level

% of reps

"A" reps

> 100% Quota


"B" reps

> 60% and < 100% of Quota


"C" reps

< 60% Quota


Topline will have the most impact on the middle group of reps who need a boost to move from a “B” performance level to an “A” performance level. Through improved pipeline management discipline, this group can achieve the most dramatic increase in sales effectiveness. The overall goal of Topline is to achieve a major shift in overall performance in the sales organization – more C’s to B’s, and more B’s to A’s.


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