Our Solutions are intended to address four objectives: Optimize Pipeline Management, Improve Forecasting Accuracy, Maximize Corporate Revenue, and Build Repeatable Sales Model.

Optimize Pipeline Management
Topline has developed a unique approach to optimizing pipeline by defining a proprietary algorithm to measure the Model Funnel for a given sales territory. This Model Funnel represents the required funnel necessary to meet Quota. Once the Model funnel is known, every sales rep or manager can compare their Actual Funnel vs. the Model Funnel to get a GAP analysis of the shortfall in opportunities.

A good definition of Pipeline Management is:

“The management and assessment of all sales opportunities as they progress through a multi-step sales cycle to a successful close.”  

  • A pipeline (or sales funnel) consists of multiple action steps that lead to the successful closing of revenue producing contracts.
  • A pipeline consists of accounts within each step of the sales cycle that need to be managed and assessed on a consistent basis.
  • A pipeline consists of forecasts for each account with expected close dates, probabilities of closing, and Commit decisions.
  • A pipeline is a management tool to review accounts with sales reps and sales managers, and to provide pipeline visibility for all other departments of the company.

Pipeline Management includes the visibility and analysis of the opportunity pipeline for every sales manager and every sales representative. By adhering to a disciplined process of Pipeline Management, the likelihood of meeting quota goes up dramatically. To this day, there are very few value propositions in business that have greater impact on revenue than better pipeline management.

Topline provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for analyzing sales pipelines and taking appropriate action steps to optimize pipeline.


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