Our Solutions are intended to address four objectives: Optimize Pipeline Management, Improve Forecasting Accuracy, Maximize Corporate Revenue, and Build Repeatable Sales Model.

Build Repeatable Sales Model
At the heart of achieving more accurate forecasts in companies with a complex, multi-step sales cycle is the strict adherence to managing the Pipeline of Opportunities - POP". Better management of the POP plays a critical role in defining the elusive "Repeatable Sales Model" that all sales executives are seeking. The right pipeline of accounts, both in dollars and product mix, is absolutely essential to achieving accurate forecasts. Without adequate pipeline, revenue forecasts simply cannot be met on a consistent basis. The management of that pipeline, to a great extent, is a science that can be applied in a practical, day-to-day methodology.

Topline directly addresses this central problem in meeting revenue forecasts Pipeline Management. By focusing on the company's pipeline more extensively, the sales organization can substantially improve its sales effectiveness and forecasting. Topline takes the management of a company's pipeline to the highest level yet seen, and does so in the most intuitive, easy-to- use fashion possible. It makes pipeline visibility an instant, simple reality for every top executive in the company including all the "C- level" executives who require such visibility within their own functional departments.


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