Off-line, Excel-based Opportunity Form

In addition to making changes inside the On-line Opportunity Portal, a sales rep can make changes using a companion Off-line, Excel-based Opportunity Form. This form is a highly intuitive listing of all opportunities currently being worked in the pipeline with an automatic forecast generator included. This off-line tool allows the sales rep, or sales manager, to make regular changes in their opportunity pipeline off-line, while traveling, working in the car, or working anywhere they are not connected to the Internet. Once connected to the Internet, they can press a one-button Submit to send all changes over the Internet directly into the Portal and automatically retrieve any changes made to the on-line portal. This off-line tool also has all the powerful filtering and sorting capabilities of Excel, including pre-set filters for All Opportunities, Pipeline Opportunities, and Forecastable Opportunities.

Oportunity Form

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Sales Reps are usually very comfortable at using Excel. This companion product is much easier for them to use than typical off-line forms from CRM companies, and we have seen much higher adoption rates using the Excel-based form.

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